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2022 Senior Spotlight: Mackenzie Amick

Mackenzie Amick will graduate from Norman High School this spring.  She plans to attend the University of Oklahoma, where she will pursue a degree in Pre-Speech and Communication Disorders, with the eventual goal of getting her master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology.

While in high school Mackenzie served on the student council, was a Teen Board member for the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, helped with NHS’s SPED classes as a service leader, and also attended classes at Sooner Theatre of Norman. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hanging out with her friends, and singing, of course! When asked what she would miss most about high school, Mackenzie said, “I will definitely miss my STUCO family. We had to face more adversity this year alone than we ever have in the past four years. But we came back strong and won state president and as we like to say ‘We made a freaking t-shirt!!’ I’ll definitely miss being a leader in that room.”

Morgan Wrigley, Haley Kinnard, Mackenzie Amick, Maddie Walkley, Mary Sloup in Little Women

Mackenzie has been a student at ArtWorks Academy for four years. Mackenzie’s favorite productions at AWA were Little Women (Marmee March), Footloose (Ariel), and Into the Woods (Jack’s Mother). She enjoyed Little Women because she looked up to Haley Kinnard and Maddie Walkley a lot during that show and grew closer to them. Haley and Maddie are both AWA alumna and current faculty members. Mackenzie said Into the Woods is every theatre kid’s dream show and she was happy to be part of it!

Sophie Rodgers and Mackenzie Amick (both played Ariel) with Mary Ann Temple. The character of Ariel in Footloose was based on Oklahoma Native, Mary Ann Temple.

Mackenzie has many favorite memories at ArtWorks. When asked what her favorite was, she said, “Probably anytime Michael got too into the dancing or blocking, yes, it really is that funny or during the first run for Little Women when right after ‘Days of Plenty’ I slid and fell down the steps.”  Mackenzie said she will miss the shows and tech weeks the most!  She said, “Most people despise tech week but it’s so fun to be able to spend a whole week with some of your best friends doing what you love!”

Nicky Hansel (Tanya), Mackenzie Amick (Donna), and Hannah Blair (Rosie) in Mamma Mia!

Mackenzie said the biggest life lesson she learned from ArtWorks Academy was, “To have fun while doing something that’s so intimidating or raw. Theater should be about having fun and learning who you are at this age! If you take it way too serious, you’re missing the whole point!”  She said, “The arts have impacted my life in a way I am forever grateful for! I’ve learned how to be moldable and someone who can work with ANY kind of person. The arts have also helped me discover who I am and that no matter what happens in the world, the theater is always a place to call home!”

Musical Theatre Company members: Libby Elledge, Brooklynn Snyder, Jackson Branum, Kate Gammill, Mackenzie Amick, and Sophie Rodgers after their annual MTC Christmas Concert!

When we asked her to tell us who her biggest inspiration in life was, Mackenzie said, “My parents, as well as my grandma who left us too soon. All three of these people taught me how to be fearless and always step out and try new things as well as how to lead others through servant and loving leadership. I’m so happy and proud of myself for not only beating the statistics of students with Learning Disabilities and being a first gen college student, but I know I couldn’t have done it without these three people supporting me.” Mackenzie is looking forward to growing as a leader in college. She strives to always strengthen her leadership skills and loves opportunities to serve as a leader. She also looks forward to growing her relationships with others in college.

One last word from Mackenzie, “It’s hard to say goodbye, but I’m so excited to see where the class of ‘22 will go! I’m beyond proud and excited for all of us!”

A Note from ArtWorks Academy…

Mackenzie is all of the things she says she strives to be.  She is a true leader who makes an impact on the world around her.  She is a kind friend who is the ultimate hype girl! She is a constant source of encouragement to her peers.  We have loved our time with Mackenzie and it has been a true joy to watch her grow as an artist and a human over the past four years. We have no doubt she will make her mark on this world and will continue to touch the lives of those she meets.  Thank you, Mackenzie, for allowing us to be part of your life!