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School of Music Fees and Policies


Private lessons are $95 per month.  We charge the same amount each month, no matter the number of weeks.  Some months might have three lessons, due to a holiday, while other months might end up with five lessons.  It averages out to four lessons per month.


If a student misses a private lesson, the teacher will make up ONE lesson per semester.  If the teacher misses a lesson due to illness, vacation, etc., that lesson will always be made up.  Any student absences beyond one absence will not be made up.  You cannot skip a month of lessons and not pay. Your payment is holding your child’s spot.  We have a waiting list for lessons and every lesson, whether or not your child is present, must be paid for.

Material Fee

Music students may need to purchase method books, sheet music or other materials, such as music theory instructional books.  The cost is usually around $25-$40 for the year.


Students taking a private or group instrument lessons must provide their own instrument and bring it each week (except piano students).  Students taking piano will need to have access to a piano to practice at home.


Practicing at home will help each student progress more quickly.  Each instructor will discuss practice expectations with their students.


Private lesson students will participate in an annual recital during the spring semester.  This give students an opportunity to showcase their progress to friends and family.

Recital Fee

There will be a $30 Recital Fee.  This helps cover the cost of an accompanist, faculty time, etc.

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“My daughter started at ArtWorks Academy in Beginning Musical Theatre at the age of six, and was such a fearful and bashful child. I was very concerned because she only wanted to be with my husband and myself. Due to some unfortunate events in her previous family life she had no confidence and always shied away from anything that would have her seen.  I knew from being with her she had more in her and I didn’t know how to pull it out. After nine productions her confidence has exploded.   She plays instruments and has acted and sang in school and church programs.  She has developed an ear for rhythm due to dancing and can play by ear. Her stage presence has helped her in her recitals with all the instruments she plays. It has her setting goals for music as a future career. She has made some very good friends and has a love and appreciation for the arts. I highly recommend ArtWorks Academy.” –Cathy A.