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Dance Cirque and Little Cirque

Join the Circus!

At ArtWorks Academy, we believe in giving every child the opportunity to discover their hidden talents and explore new and exciting activities. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce Dance Cirque, a one-of-a-kind class that combines the art of dance with the thrill of circus performance. Whether your child is a seasoned dancer or a beginner, Dance Cirque has something to offer them. In Dance Cirque, boys and girls of all ages and abilities can come together to learn and master the mesmerizing art of circus performance. Our certified and qualified instructors will guide your child through an innovative program that includes interactive circuits using apparatus like lyra (hoops), silks, and trapeze, as well as ground skills like juggling and hula hoops. Your child will be amazed at what they can achieve as they stretch their limits and conquer new challenges. Not only will Dance Cirque help your child develop strength, flexibility and coordination, but it will also ignite their imagination and boost their self-confidence. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to introduce your child to the magical world of circus arts. You won’t find this program anywhere else, as we are the only licensed studio in the state. Enroll your child in Dance Cirque at ArtWorks Academy today and watch them shine like never before!

Little Cirque (1-5 year olds)

Calling all toddlers and preschoolers! ArtWorks Academy offers Little Cirque classes for students 1-5 years of age. Watch your little one gain confidence and learn new skills in this super fun class.

Classes include basic tumbling, interactive circuits, balance beams, silks, juggling, hula hoops and more all under the supervision of our certified and qualified instructors.

Dance Cirque (K-12th grade)

Introduce your child to something new and unique, with Dance Cirque at ArtWorks Academy! This class offers something for all ages and abilities. Dance Cirque is great for boys and girls, and you don’t have to be a dancer to join! Our innovative program includes interactive circuits, using apparatus like lyra (hoops), silks and trapeze and ground skills like juggling and hula hoops, all under the supervision of our certified and qualified instructors. Your child will be inspired to learn new skills and have a blast while exploring the world of circus arts.