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We are very excited for our 15th Annual Dance Recital: A Night at the Oscars!  Below you will find all of the information you need to make sure your child is ready for recital!

Recital Location

Randall University
3701 S I-35 Service Rd.
Moore, OK 73160

The Main Auditorium is located in the Barber Center, which is the two story building directly off of the service road.

Recital Times

The recital is on Saturday, May 21, 2022. We have three different recital times.  All dancers are split between the 10:30 am and 3:00 pm recital. Students in Relevé Dance Company are in both of those recitals.  

The following table shows the call time for each recital time.

Call Time

Recital Time

10:00 am

10:30 am

1:30 pm

2:00 pm*

2:30 pm

3:00 pm

*The 2:00 pm recital will only be solos by Relevé dancers. 

Dancers should arrive at their call time (30 minutes before the recital begins) ready to perform. Please bring all shoes and costumes to their assigned dressing space. (There will be signs and we will also show you the dressing space during dress rehearsal.)

To find out when your child dances, please click on the following buttons.  The names are alphabetized by first name. 

Mandatory Staging Rehearsals

Staging rehearsals take place the week of May 16. For most classes, their assigned stage time is during their class time. The exceptions are Saturday classes, Friday Senior Acro, Hope’s Thursday Jazz/Tap Combo, and some Relevé dances.

  • All staging rehearsals, as well as photos on Tuesday, will be at Randall University.
  • Rehearsals will be in the Main Auditorium.
  • Photos will be in Mabee Hall (the small theater).
  • Dancers should arrive in costume 15 minutes before their rehearsal time, find their classmates, sit in the auditorium, and wait for their teacher.
  • There are a few classes that have extended time for rehearsal because of cancelled classes or because they are combining classes for recital.
  • Please read carefully and ask any questions you have this week.

Click on the button below to view the schedule for staging rehearsals.

Below are a few FAQs regarding Staging Rehearsals.

Does my child wear their costume?

YES! This is their dress rehearsal.

Do I need to do make up for this rehearsal?

It is not required, but if you want to test it out and see how it goes, you are welcome to  do so.

Do I need to do my child's hair

YES! We need them to practice with any hair pieces they may have. It is always good to practice how they will have their hair done for the performance. We do understand that some kids are coming from school and you may not be able to get their hair done, please just get it back out of their faces so that they do not play with it during rehearsal

Do we come for their whole class time or just the staging time?

Most classes come just for their staging time. You arrive 15 minutes early and your teacher will gather up the dancers and walk them back stage. We will spend 15 minutes working through their dance on stage with lights. For our new families and young dancers, your teacher will show you to the dressing areas and make sure you know where to go on Saturday. If some thing needs a little extra work, your teacher may take the dancers to the lobby to run over a tricky step. The only exceptions to this are our Monday classes that were cancelled for the severe weather last week. They WILL meet for their full class time. You will receive a separate email if this concerns your student.

Does my child have to attend this rehearsal?

YES! This rehearsal is mandatory. For the safety of all dancers, we need them to work on the stage before the performance. They must practice entering in the dark and dancing with the bright stage lights. Please contact me if there is a schedule issue.

Costumes, Tights, and Shoes

Most dancers have received their costumes already. We have a few that we are still waiting on. If your dancer has their costume, please make sure it is hung up in a safe place. They should only wear it for dress rehearsal, pictures, and then the recital. We CANNOT get a replacement for any costume at this point. We cannot risk damaging or spilling food on the costumes.

Once in costume, dancers should not eat or drink more than water or saltines. Spills are difficult to clean out of most costumes.

You will receive the tights for the recital the week before dress rehearsals. You get one pair of tights. If the dancers put a hole in their tights, you can purchase a replacement pair at the box office.

It seems that the dance shoe shortage due to shipping has finally improved! If you have ordered shoes and not received them, they are probably in the office! If your dancer needs new shoes you MUST order them by Friday, May 6! All dancers need DRESS CODE shoes, which are sold in the studio office. The shoes must be purchased through us. Please see Daniel or April about ordering new shoes.

If your costume needed any alterations, Monica probably already took care of them. Please be sure to thank her. She has worked hard to make sure everyone’s costumes fit! We do have some ballet costumes with extra long straps. These will need to be pinned. That is something easy to do at home. If you need help, please let us know.

Be sure to put your child’s name in EVERYTHING that you bring to the theater. We work very hard to keep costumes and shoes organized, but sometimes things get jumbled. If your child’s name is inside (not on the bottom) of shoes and costumes, we can easily sort things out backstage.

Recital Photos

Spotlight Photography will be doing individual photos at the theater on Tuesday, May 17. You will use this link below to sign up for pictures.

If your dancer has class on Tuesday, do not sign up for pictures during their class time. This is when they will have their rehearsal on stage.

Recital DVD

Click on the button below to preorder your DVD.  Type “ArtWorks” into the search bar and place your order. It is $30 for one show and $40 for all. We do not allow videography from your seats during the recital.

Recital Tickets

Tickets for A Night at the Oscars went on sale Thursday, May 5 at 6:00 pm.

  • Tickets are assigned seating and are being sold on a first come, first served basis. 
  • Tickets are $12.00 each, for the floor and $10, for the balcony.
  • Each family will receive two free tickets per student enrolled (two total – NOT two per performance).  We will deduct the total for your complimentary tickets from your total ticket balance. 
  • Tickets may not be purchased until all past due balances for tuition and costume fees are paid in full. 

We use the ticketing company, Showtix4u.  Everything is handled through them.  Tickets can be purchased in person, but there is no advantage to buying them in person, as we have to purchase them through their system, just like you would from your home or office. 

Their ticketing site is very user-friendly.  Select the performance day and time, find the seats you would like and checkout. You will enter your coupon code to redeem your complimentary tickets.  You can view the ticket codes here.

  • Showtix4u charges a $1 fee per ticket, plus a 4% transaction fee.
  • All orders placed on their website will incur this fee.
  • You WILL have to pay this fee on your two complimentary tickets.  There is no way for us to get rid of this fee for those two tickets.
  • Tickets will be available at the theatre.  Any tickets purchased at the theatre will not be charged this fee.
  • We are NOT able to issue your comp tickets at the theatre, so please get those online.
  • We encourage you to purchase all tickets in advance for your family. 

Click on the button below to purchase tickets.