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Leaps and Turns

Develop strength and flexibility as you work on various jumps and turns used in jazz, hip hop, contemporary, musical theatre and many other dance genres.  This class is ideal for the dancer who wants to supplement their study of individual genres to advance faster.  It is also great for musical theatre students who want to be successful with more challenging choreography.  

Teacher approval is not required. This class is required for Relevé Dance Company Senior members.

Grades: 7th-12th

Classes for the 2021-2022 Season begin the week of August 30, 2021.




5:00-5:55 pm


8:00-8:55 pm

Dance teaches perseverance and hard work.  Dance skills don’t come overnight.  Dancers must work hard each week in class and persevere through challenges.  Learning to do this will make them better dancers and humans.