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This summer we will be producing Amélie: Teen Edition with rising 8th-12th grade students and 2022 grads. It is audition only, meaning students must audition to be cast and we will select those we feel will be the best fit for the production. 

About Amélie: Teen Edition:

Amélie is an extraordinary young woman who lives quietly in the world but loudly in her mind. She covertly improvises small but surprising acts of kindness that bring joy and mayhem. But when a chance at love comes her way, Amélie realizes that to find happiness she’ll have to risk everything and say what’s in her heart. Be inspired by this imaginative dreamer who finds her voice, discovers the power of connection, and sees possibility around every corner.


This production is audition only, meaning students must audition to be cast and we will select those we feel will be the best fit for the production. 

  • Auditions will be Thursday, June 23 at 4:00 pm or 6:00 pm
  • Callbacks will be Friday, June 24 at 6:00 pm
  • If you will be out of town during auditions, please contact us in advance, so we can arrange another audition time for you.  You can call (405) 397-1824 or email Katie Morris at Please make sure you get a message back confirming we know your child will be absent. 
  • Please sign your child up to audition on Thursday, June 23 at 4:00 or 6:00 pm
  • Those auditioning should prepare one song from a musical, which reflects the style of the show. It should be 16-32 bars in length.  We will not have an accompanist for this audition, so students will need to bring recorded accompaniment.  
  • They should also come prepared for a dance audition.  The dance will be taught to them at auditions and they will dance in small groups for the audition portion.
  • Those who audition for Amélie: Teen Edition may be called back to read and sing for specific roles.  Callbacks will be Friday, June 24 at 6:00 pm. You will receive an email on Friday, June 24 letting you know if your child is called back for which roles they will sing and read.

Again, auditioning does NOT guarantee you will be cast in the show. There are limited roles for this production.


  • As stated above, you will need to select a time and sign your child up to audition.  If your child is also planning to audition for Musical Theatre Company (MTC), please sign up for both auditions.
  • They will use the same song to audition for both and do not need to audition twice, but we need to know who is auditioning for each.  If they plan to audition at 6:00 pm, for instance, please register for the MTC audition and Amélie: Teen Edition audition that are scheduled for 6:00 pm (if they plan to audition for both).
  • Click on the link below and log in to your account or create an account if you are new.
  • Once you have done so you will see a link to a page that says, “2022 Summer Auditions and Master Classes.”
  • Click on that and scroll through the calendar to find June 23.  You might need to click on ‘more’ within the calendar if not all four audition options are showing up.

Sign Up For Auditions


  • Grades: 8th-12th grades and 2022 grads
  • Students will rehearse from 6:00-8:30 pm on Mondays and Thursdays from June 27 through August 4.  We might occasionally have additional rehearsals, if necessary.  We will have mandatory rehearsals every night the week of August 1.


Performances for Amélie: Teen Edition will be Friday-Sunday, August 5-7, 2022.  We will announce the performance times after casting is finalized. 


  • Tuition is $325
  • Enrollment will not take place until the cast list is finalized.  You sign up first for an audition and if your child is cast, then you enroll.
  • The balance is due by the first day of class.
  • Students enrolling in two or more camps or classes will receive a 10% discount off of each camp or class.
  • Families will receive a sibling discount of 10% for each additional family member enrolled.


Rehearsals and performances for Amélie: Teen Edition will be at the Loft Theatre at the ArtWorks Academy Main Campus in Norman, which is located at 3251 Market Place.


Tickets will be $12 each.  They will go on sale the week of the show. Parents will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase tickets. 

“ArtWorks Academy is such a great environment with wonderful teachers! I could see my progress as I came out of my shell in musical theater class!” ~ Eleanor T.