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Jazz classes study a variety of styles within the genre of jazz – classical technique, contemporary dance, and lyrical jazz. These classes build on the foundation a student gains through ballet and teaches them to use their technique as they explore different steps and styles. Students will work on strength and flexibility, as well as the execution of various kicks, leaps, and turns. Combinations will be used to develop performance skills. Students enrolled in Intermediate Jazz must also be enrolled in Ballet.


Intermediate: Teacher approval IS required

Senior Open Level:  Teacher approval is not required

Classes for the 2022-2023 Season begin August 27, 2022


INTERMEDIATE JAZZ (5th-7th grade)




6:00-6:55 pm

SENIOR OPEN LEVEL JAZZ (7th-12th grade)




4:45-5:40 pm



Dance teaches the importance of teamwork.  Dancers must rely on each other and be able to trust one another.  As an ensemble, they build on each other’s strengths and depend on one another.  Outside of dance, in a variety of disciplines, the ability to collaborate is a highly valuable skill.