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One-Week Class Pass

Come explore the arts with ArtWorks Academy!

Welcome to ArtWorks Academy!  We are so glad you are interested in putting your child in performing arts classes!  We want to offer your family the chance to explore all that AWA offers, without any obligation! 

ArtWorks Academy provides fun, challenging, high-quality classes to students of every ability and level of interest. Our hope is that each of our students will walk away with:

  • a stronger sense of SELF-WORTH
  • the ability to WORK WELL WITH OTHERS
  • a KNOWLEDGE of the issues that affect their world
  • a LOVE of the arts
  • a wildly CREATIVE SPIRIT 

Multiple Locations

We have been serving the community since 2007.  To better serve our current students and introduce the arts to new students, we have expanded! In 2018 ArtWorks Academy announced the addition of new satellite locations.  We currently offer classes at our Main Campus in north Norman, at our SE Norman/Noble satellite and our Yukon Satellite.

Discounts Available

Students enrolling in two or more classes receive a multi-class discount.  Please see our tuition rates for more details.  Families enrolling two or more siblings will receive a 10% sibling discount off of each students’ monthly tuition.

Epic Charter Schools Vendor

We are an Epic Charter Schools Vendor.  If your child attends Epic Charter Schools, please contact us to find out how we can bill them for your child’s classes through your Learning Fund.  Email us at for more info.

Claim Your One-Week Class Pass

We would love for you to bring your child to try as many classes as they would like within a one-week period.  If you have a child who can’t decide between all of our class options, let them try them all! They will have a much better idea of which classes they prefer, after getting the hands on experience of trying a class.  

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer trial classes for summer classes or camps. We would love for you to bring your child to a trial class during the school year.

Please read through the descriptions for each class, by visiting our Education page.  You can then go to the appropriate page to find descriptions of the classes you want to try.  The description will state if teacher permission is required for the class or not.

Simply follow the directions below to sign up for trial class(es):


Complete family info fields

The family names are the parents’ or guardians’ names, not the child’s.


Add student(s)

Please register your child with the name they go by.  There is no need to enter their legal name, if they prefer nickname. 


Add the trial option

Select, “Request A Trial/Drop-in Class” to enroll in a trial class.


Agree to our policies

You will view the policies on our website. Please read both the general policies and the policies specific to the type of class your child will be taking.


Check the color of the class in which you wish to enroll

The only classes that will show up are those for which your child meets the age requirement. If the class is already full, it will show in red and you will not be able to schedule a trial. If a class requires teacher permission, it will be password protected and you cannot sign up for a trial. 


Add a class

You will need to click on the appropriate tab and location, i.e. Main Campus, CrossPointe, etc.  Select the class you would like to try. If your child  has been taking dance and would like to be assessed for a level that requires permission, please email Cheryl at


Select dates

Select the date you want your child to attend. You can sign your child up for multiple trials within a one-week period. We do not offer trials for summer camps or classes.


Add additional classes (if needed)

If you want to select an additional class, click on the, “Request A Trial/Drop-in Class” button again and repeat the same steps.



Thank you for signing your child up for a trial class!